cubase 6.5 update problem on new computer

Hi, I got a new computer and I am trying to install the cubase 6.5 update on it. I have the boxed version of cubase 6 update from 5, I have installed and works correctly. I had 6.5 installed on my old computer so the elicenser says 6.5 on it. I have a ssd as my windows 8/boot disk and everything else going on a second 2tb drive which has cubase 6 installed on it. my problem is, when I run the cubase 6.5 updater, it says cubase 6 is not installed on my system. I’m stuck, can anyone help me with this? thanks.

Can you install C6 on the SSD instead?

I can, If I have to. my thinking, was to leave the ssd for O.S. only.

You’re asking for all kinds of trouble by changing the standard location for programs to install - even though they allow it. Not only are you now finding out yourself from the 6.5 updater, but believe me, there will be many more plugins and programs not finding what they’re looking for if Cubase is not where it’s ‘supposed’ to be.

Ofcourse - samples and other VST sounds can be placed elsewhere (and they really are the data hogs). Check the options in the Cubase installer carefully when installing, cause this distinction can be made for most of the VST sounds. Others have to be moved manually, but that’s a different subject.

Well, one of the problems with now moving cubase is, I am nearly done installing all of my plugins. they are all tested and working. the problem with the 6.5 updater is, there is no access to direct the software anywhere during installation. hence, my problem. If I knew the exact files it was looking for, I could temporarily move those to the boot drive just to get 6.5 to install.

If you want, you can leave the plugins where they are, just define the directory of the plugins in C6, once you have C6 reinstalled at the SSD

I didn’t know that. that’s good news. how do you do it.

As explained in the manual in the chapter “installing and managing FX plugins”

cool, thanks.

ok, so I thought I would let you know I got my install issue figured out. I have to plead stupidity here, I was trying to install the 6.5.5 update without having installed the 6.5 update first. DUH. thanks for your help guys.

Whoa, that’s really a different story :smiley:
I think it is part of something that every cubase user has to go through :wink: