Cubase 6.5 - update problem!

Hello everyone. I have problem with updating Cubase to 6.5.
I had Cubase 6 and downloaded 6.5 from Steinberg site. Then I installed it , and it want me to enter activation code . So i wrote my Cubase 6 code , and it said to me , that it was used already and cant be used again.

So now Cubase 6.5 says to me , that will work only 1 day ! And i dont understand how to make it licensed. Please help me! What should i do?

Cubase 6.5 was a paid update, so if you hadn´t bought it when it was available, you can not use it.
That´s why it says

Please note that a Cubase 6.5 (or newer) license needs to be present on the USB-eLicenser to use this version! A Cubase 6.0 license is not sufficient!

On the downöload page.

So what should i do? How to buy the key?

You can´t buy the key anymore - you need to update to Cubase 7.5 (or 7.0 if you can still find it), which will let you run C 6.5

at the steinberg shop it says , that i must have Cubase 7 to make update to 7.5

So now i have to buy Cubase 7 and then update to 7.5 ?? :frowning:

You will see, that from the steinberg shop you can buy only C7.5 anyway, not C 7.0. If you find C7.0 somewhere else, and activate it from now on, you get a grace period update to C 7.5

So there are 2 options

  1. Delete 6.5 and install from the scratch my 6 version
  2. Buy for 50 euros Cubase 7.5


-The easy way would be simply uninstall 6.5, but yes, you can do it the complicated way and install 6.0 from scratch…
-Cubase 7.5 from 6 is 249 € but if you do get it for 50€, you should maybe buy it

I dont see any upgrade from 6 to 7.5 , only from 7 to 7.5

Where did you see it ?

In the Steinberg shop.

I’m afraid 6.5 was not a separate install next to 6, so uninstalling the unlicensed 6.5 would technically mean uninstalling 6…

BTW - if you do find a 6 to 7 update online, all you need to do is activate that license on your key and 6.5 is completely functional. Installing 7 (or the free 7.5 update) would leave the 6.5 install intact.

No, it would mean to uninstall the 6.5 update which leaves you with the former 6.0 installation - even though 6.5 is not a separate install.

As I had written in my 2nd post already…

Hope you’re right, and I’m glad I won’t have to try it out…

Nobody said you didn’t… And only the part you quoted, not the other sentence you left out. :wink: