Cubase 6.5 upgrade to 8 cost

Hi I’m going to hold out upgrading from 6.5 until Cubase 8 comes out, hopefully this year or soon after.

Could someone of superior knowledge tell me what the likely cost might be?? In your opinion only obviously, I will not hold anyone to anything or be back to wreak horrible troll retribution upon you if you turn out to be completely wrong!

I’m budgeting for around £200. Realistic?

Any thoughts much appreciated.

Also, what does the upgrade involve? Will I have to install 6.5 before I can use the upgrade or is it more sophisticated than the cumbersome upgrades of the olden-days, and will I get a fully functioning box of version 8 with no messing about?

C5 to C7.5 is $300 (two versions) so C6 to C8 is likely to be closer to that (my best guess). Maybe $250 but probably NOT $200 because C6.5 to C7.5 is currently $200.

No, if a license for C7.5 (or 8) is on your USB-key it’s your call which versions you want on your system(s). Either only current versions, 32 and/or 64 bit or also 6.5, 6.0 - any combination is acceptable. The highest license grants use of that version and all below it.

Thanks Jaslan - I was referring to two hundred of her majesty’s pounds, my dear fellow :wink:

Thanks Arjan (your names appear misleadingly similar next to each other, although they’re not at all). Thanks. If I ask for a boxed version of 8 will it say ‘Upgrade’ on it? Or will it say ‘Full Version’??

I only want a box if it’s a sexy full version box, not a rubbishy upgrade version box lol

Also any updates on release dates?

I know but I think they are usually the same. For example, the upgrade would cost $300 or 300 GBP. Of course, a GBP is actually more then a USD. Truth is, I can only see the USD prices from here so I can only talk about dollars. Bottom line, is that I think it will definitely be more than 200 (GBP or USD).

Thanks Jaslan.

Also do you know when the grace period starts before the next version is brought out? Do they announce these things before hand at all?

They won’t announce the grace period until release but, in the past, the grace period has started in October.

Cool. I read somewhere they hike the prices as a signal in the lead up to the release, and this could be said to unofficially indicate the ‘grace period’ before the actual announcment.

I’m just wondering if I’d get a slightly better deal if I upgraded now, and took a chance on the imminent release of 8?

Any price hikes recently.

Yes. I have seen them raise the price just prior to announcement so it seems like the grace period update is already priced in. In my opinion, the real smart move is to buy now, DO NOT ACTIVATE and sit on it until announcement. The grace period has been based on activation date in the past. Of course, the risk is that they outsmart that move and either don’t have a grace period or somehow base it on the purchase date (not sure how they would verify that…)

Hey great advice :slight_smile:

Another possibility is to wait until release announcement and then buy the current version from an online or physical shop. They usually mark down prices as soon as the new version is coming - and they’re usually cheaper than directly from Steinberg.