cubase 6.5 usb blue microphone mac

I can use virtual instruments fine using core audio ASIO driver on my mac
If I switch the driver to “Blue Snowball USB Microphone” then the microphone works fine

I need to be able to use both at once. For example, I would like to be able to hear my virtual instrument tracks while “singing” into the mic.

I have tried creating an aggregate device in “audio midi setup” I created one that included Blue Snowball and Built-in input and Built-in output.

I can select this device as the ASIO driver and can see the Blue Snowball but one of the three inputs ( core audio L/R and Blue Snowball mono ) always shows inactive.

I have never had any trouble using the Blue Snowball in Garage Band or Reaper.

Searching showed many post about USB mics not working, but I have not found any others with this problem of “it works, but not along with anything else”

What else can I try?

Cubase can only use one driver at a time.

For what you want, the driver would have to support multiple soundcards.

I don’t know of any solution for a mac platform.

Apparently it is possible!


I’m not a mac user so I will humbly bow out.

Yes, what you reference is what I had already tried. I have it working now - sort of.

my aggregate device contains both the mac default device with two inputs and two outputs and the mice and the blue microphone device with one input. However, the device only supports 2 inputs. I shows all three but the last input of the three is always disabled.

So my solution/workaround is to ensure that the Blue Microphone device is the first device in my aggregate device, so it gets the first input slot. This means I loose the right channel of the mac default input device since it is assigned to input #3. I can live with this for now. If it is gets too annoying then I will get a “real” audio interface.