Cubase 6.5 Video Tutorials

Hey guys. I hope I post this the right place. I’m very sorry if I’m not, or if I’m not allowed to advertise for my own stuff.

Anyway, I’m currently making some video tutorials for Cubase 6.5. The 4th video tutorial is probably the best starting point for anyone interested who has some Cubase knowledge already.

I forgot some of the very basic stuff in this one, I’ll add it in the next one. If you like it, stick around :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Wessburg

Thank you for posting this.
I checked out your tutorial and learned a few new tricks despite being a long timer user of Cubase. I was particularly impressed by your economical and concise use of words and the comprehensive and detailed coverage of the topic.
Keep up the great work and I look forward to some more advanced topics.

Cheers Andy

Hi Wessburg,

Great job. Thanks very much.


Very good tutorial. Thanks! :sunglasses:

Thanks man! I make these tutorials in my sparetime, but I hope to keep a steady flow of tutorials going. I’m going for a full coverage of all the Cubase tools and then I’ll top it off with a tutorial on a full production from A to Z using all or most tools I’ve produced tutorials on.

Not sure if you’re still active on the forums, but your tutorials are some of the best I’ve seen. Hope you don’t stop making them.

Yes, very nice, thank you!

Very good job alexis, great help for me! :smiley:


Thanks, but Wessberg made these excellent tutorials, not I!

Thanks so much. I really want to keep those going, but I’ve decided to follow up with Cubase 7 tutorials from now on. Finding the time is hard though. I’m overwhelmed with the great response, thanks to all of you.