Cubase 6.5 vs 7.0 - Better For MIDI Work?

I have both C6.5 and C7.

I’m a good keyboardist and have dabbled with midi recording, but I’m now getting ready to really dig in and learn Cubase. I do only midi instrumental work, no mic’s. Have lots of good midi synths and outboard signal processing gear.

I’m trying to decide whether to focus on digging in with either C6.5 or C7.

I’ve read where some people, who do the same thing I’m doing, went to C7 but came back to C6.5 because the workflow in C6.5 was better suited for serious midi work. Damned if I can find the post.

I’d like some advice. Should I just learn the latest version (C7) and move on with life or, learn C6.5 because it’s better suited for what I want to do. Ugh. Help.

Why mess with that question? Just go ahead and enjoy, they are both fantastic programs. :slight_smile:
Not that I am not taking your question seriously but both programs have so much to offer that I think it is a bit of a waste of time to figure out what differences there are in midi workflow while at the same time you could be making music and learn your DAW and get really good with your musicsoftware.

But when you’re busy with that, you will encounter enough quircks and little annoyances (or big ones) and you will find a way around that, no matter what version you work with. In the end, it won’t make much of a difference, so I now I’m full circle at my first remark.

If it’s new territory for you, I’d say go for the latest release. You can’t compare anyway, so better be up to date, and I can’t recall reading anything about MIDI in C7 being crippled in any way.

Aloha s,

both programs have so much to offer that I think it is a bit of a waste of time to figure out what differences there are in midi workflow

Word! Well said.

As a MIDIot from way back;
both apps (C6/7) are pretty much the same.

The only workflow complaints in C7 I recall are related to the mixer. MIDI stuff is pretty much the same, with the exception that C7 adds the chord track and related functions. This is helpful in that Cubase can now display note data in the context of chords and scales. Granted the Chord Track has some kinks that need to be addressed. But even so none of that functionality exists in C6.

If you are starting off new, go with C7.

even thou ive been hammering and slagging off c7 for it’s fucked up mixer ui the midi timing is spot on , I don’t use vsti’s only hardware and it is rock solid timing

I’ve been using the Cubase 7 trial for the last few days and I’ve been doing a lot of MIDI work. I honestly don’t see a difference between 6.5 and 7 in regards to working with MIDI. I’d say go with 7.

MIDI is 30 years old and Steinberg has been in the MIDI business for a little less than that. Between two sequential versions of Cubase few new things are going to pop up, other than maybe the occasional tool, in terms of external MIDI equipment. Cubase already has an absolute astounding arsenal of MIDI niftyness at your disposal, regardless of 7 or 6.5. So as many before me posted, the question of which one is “better for MIDI work” has little relevance.

Here and now is all there is, yesterday is gone and tomorrow is the inevitable end of today. (Get 7!)

(just to put a different perspective on it…)
You already have both 6.5 and 7, right?
If you start by learning 6.5, you won’t have to “unlearn” anything when you move over to 7 (apart from a couple of User Interface changes here and there), then, when you do move over to 7, you’ll have a better assessment of what it has brought to the table… but that is a purely academical exercise :wink:… you’ll enjoy 7 right from the start :slight_smile:.