Cubase 6.5 & Waves Plugins - CPU / RAM Usage


I’m running Cubase 6.5 now, upgraded from Cubase 4, and was wondering if anyone else has had any problems with overloaded CPU usage when running a number of Waves Plugins? I was working on a project with approx 20-30 Waves plugins running and the CPU was through the roof! Even with the Buffer size increased. I know in Pro Tools you can assign Processors to run pro tools, i.e. assign 3 processors to run pro tools and 1 processor to run rest of computer on my quad core iMac. Is there a similar option in Cubase 6.5?

Also, am I right in thinking that you can only use a maximum of 4G RAM when running Cubase in 32-bit mode? to access any more RAM you need to run it in 64-bit mode? I have 12G of RAM and feel it maybe useless to me if this is the case, as all of my Waves plugins can only run in 32-bit mode.

Basically, what can I do or what settings can I select to make Cubase run seemlessly? I know for a fact my computer is more than adequate for the job! (see below for computer specs).

There is an option in Cubase to allow for multi-processor mode. Don’t know if it works for multi-core, though. Also don’t know where it is (probably main program preferences). It also would spread the load evenly between the processors.

ANY 32-bit program can only address up to 4GB of memory, not just Cubase.
For more ram, 64-bit.

However, with your plugin being only 32-bit, it would need to be bridged (either built-in VST bridge or jBridge). However, bridging takes more resources.

You could finish with a track, freeze or export it, and then remove the plugin track.

Thanks for your reply!

I dont know much about bridging?

And I’ve never really looked into freezing tracks. I’ve seen the icon/option to do it but I’ve never used it. Does this basically deactivate the track? What does it actually do? By removing the ‘plug in’ track do you mean import file again to a blank track? After exporting it once I’m finished with it of course.

So I should have the ‘multi processing’ option selected and that will spread work load across all processors yeah?

I haven’t even looked into bridging yet.

You may want to look at

Straight from Steinberg’s channel - Rendering Instrument Tracks into Audio tracks.

What waves plug-ins and what buffer settings?