Cubase 6.5 with ARIA of Garritan

Hallo Cubase experts,
When I import a MIDI file to Cubase (Made by Finale 2014), I got nicely all the channels (Say 3; Flute, Oboe, Piano). However, when I associate each one to VST, I get a full ARIA Consol per each channel. In other words, there is only one activated sound per console, and only one active sound in Cubase’s Mixer. In order to produce the music I need to work with 3 ARIA Consoles and Cubase’s 1, 2, 3 mixers. I am sure Cubase wants me to produce 3 sound on one Console and one Mixer. You may look in the attached illustration.
Could some of you has experienced and solved this problem?
Yishai Knoll
Presentation jpg.jpg