Cubase 6.5 with Melodyne 4.1.1 on Mac: LAGS!

Hey Guys,

I´m facing a problem that is driving me crazy because it is completely killing my entire workflow:

Using Melodyne 4.1.1 in Cubase 6.5 on my Macbook every now and then AFTER stoping the playback for working on some detuned notes the DAW is lagging which shows up as a turning rainbow Cursor. I have to wait then for almost 20 seconds, before the cursor turns back to the normal arrow and I’m allowed to continue my work.

Having a deadline on Sunday for 12 mixed songs this problem is driving my mad as f***. Has someone faced something like this and has a solution found?

Yes, I am sure that this has to do with Melodyne because the lag only occurs while working on Note-Blobs and after stoping the playback for further work.

Thank you for response!