Cubase 6.5 Working metronome - Yeah

If this works it might be a good workaround :slight_smile:

Is this in response to the fact that the metronome doesn’t work when four sends are used in the CR?

Hm. This sounds good then. I don’t need four sends routed through the CR because I run things a different way, but I am wondering about a peculiar thing I notice in Cubase. Could you check this Bredo? Now that your have the four channels of click working, disconnect the bus that you set up and try to run the four sends normally. Does the click to four channels through the CR now work without the bus?

OK, thanks for checking this out. I asked about this because sometimes - as crazy as it sounds - it seems like some features in Cubase don’t work as they are supposed to unless you struggle through them a bit. Knowing that you got the metronome working as it should, albeit with a correction, it occured to me that maybe it would just work on your system without the fix. It was just a thought.

Well, looking at your fix for this issue, it would seem you have even helped the Steinberg program writers. Awesome that you found this, Bredo!

That dam click engine has been wonky for ages, although having said that it seems to be behaving itself in C 6.5… Hmm

Yeah sorry Bredo, I didn’t mean to say it’s fine using multi clicks in control room. Just that it’s always been a bit touch and go at times.

I would use it if I had full Cubase and enough outputs on my interface, but I don’t. :frowning:

I would, but I don’t use CR, cause that stuff takes place in my digital board. Maybe find the ‘old’ metronome threads and revive them with a link to this one - anyone who posted will see it under ‘View your posts’.

I just saw this post. It’s funny because I also never connect output busses to physical outputs (all of my monitoring is happening through CR). I will try to connect my main output buss to a spare physical output pair and report…

Ok. I connected the main output bus (stereo) to a pair of spare physical outputs first (and checked the “click” column). Wow! No more missed clicks!

Also, leaving the main output bus “Not connected” and creating a new mono bus and connecting it to a physical output seems to also fix the issue.


Steinberg, please use this information to troubleshoot and locate the defect that causes the missed clicks when there is no physical connection assigned to the main output bus (or the bus that is assigned to put out the “click” track). Judging for Bredo’s situation (where he has to create a new mono output bus to fix the issue) there may be something more to it than just having the main output bus connected to physical outputs.

In any case, THANK YOU BREDO!

Yes! It works, thank you so much!!! :mrgreen:

Hello Bredo,

Thank you for finding this workaround I will update the bug report, I am sure it will help the developers find the root oft he problem.