Cubase 6.5 Working With Multiple Outputs Problem

In February a Tips and Tricks was posted for “Working with multiple outputs in Cubase 6.”

I have attempted to duplicate the procedure in Cubase 6.5, and I find that I am not able to do this.

I am able to create the Audio track, and the Output track (We’ll say its called Guitar Out) in the Output section of the Connections area (F4). I set it as not connected per the instructions and that is what it shows.

I then move on to create the multiple output audio tracks, but they will not let me select the “Guitar Out” output track as the input to the track. Only items created in the Inputs section of Connections can be used.

I am starting with a completely new project, so there are no other mitigating culprits that I am aware of.

Has anyone been successful trying this in 6.5?

Yes, I was successful trying this in 6.5. Exactly the way, how they saied.

Check this video.

If you want to here your tracks with virtual inputs (Audio 02 & Audio 03 in my case) in real time, you have to Monitoring switch On, on these tracks.

Thanks for the video, but what fixed this for me was going to the 6.5.3 update. Cubase was not showing the option to select outputs on the sub-audio channels prior to doing the update. Once I updated then the Output options where available.

What’s trippy is that I was able to route out to the multiple outputs and then create another output bus and route the multi-outs back to a single channel. Mucho control. :smiley: