Cubase 6.5 x64, VSL VEPRO 5 and a 32-bit secondary computer?

Hi everybody,

My main music computer is a PC, running Win7 x64, centered around Cubase 6.5 (64-bit).

I want to add a second computer just for GigaStudio 4 and all of its related libraries. I don’t feel like buying a second GSIF 2.2 sound card for Giga to run 64-bit, and I have access to an older PC that probably wouldn’t support x64 anyway.

I was thinking about buying VSL’s VEPRO 5 to connect the 32-bit GS4 machine to the 64-bit Cubase-based machine.

Will 32-bit GigaStudio and 64-bit Cubase work together in this manner? I know that it wouldn’t work if both programs were running on the same machine… but I wonder whether it would work if each program was on its own machine, connected via VEPRO (or some other solution)…

What other potential problems should I be aware of here?

Thanks so much!!

— Alan