Cubase 6.5

Good evening all.

I am new here so please be gentle, I’m a long time user of Cubase, 20+ and am keen to remain so.

I recently bought on eBay a copy of Cubase 6, it seemed like a good deal and the seller said he had the disks, but no eLicenser Key. He said if I bough that I’d be good to go. So I did just that, I bought the discs which are the official discs and I then bought the official USB eLicenser.

I registered the Key on here and now when I run Cubase, it’s asking me to,

“Enter Activation Code”. does anyone know where I get this Code from?

Many thanks.


Just a guess!

Could it be the Number written on the USB Dongle? (elicenser)

If no one here knows, then I suggest contacting Steinberg support directly!

Did a quick ’ Google ’ search -