Cubase 6.54 on Mac don't show Waves L2

Recently I moved To Mac (Osx 10.6.8) and installed on it my Cubase 6.54 and also Logic 9.
Then I install Wave NPP bundle that I own and every thing was fine. Both Cubase (the VST) and Logic (AU) recognized it. Then I bought a Wave single plugin, the L2, activated it and got the licence, but only Logic recognized it. It was not shown on Cubase, although I can see the waveshell in the right directory and all the plugins paths on Cubase were ok. I also tried to open Cubase in 32 bit mode but it did not help.
I called wave support and the supporter logged into my computer and said he dos’nt see anything wrong and has no solution for me. Then he asked me if it’s an Apple Mac or Hackintosh and I said (stupidly) the truth and then he said that they don’t support Hackintosh…so I was left with no Waves support.

Any solution to this problem?

Well…at last I have found a plugin folder that was without the Vst waveshell and it seems that this was the folder that the L2 searched…:slight_smile: I copied it to there and now it show up on the Cubase.