Cubase 6.55 no audio track recording pls help!

First I am not a newbie! My computer died and I built a new one. I installed Cubase 6 from disc and installed updates 6.5 and 6.55 on a windows 10 os. Fire wire is on a pcie card with drivers installed for a MR816csx. Setup looks right have Yamaha asio driver installed and device and vst connections all look good to me. I created my project and can record Midi. When I try to record audio my record enable on the TRANSPORT turns red and starts animation but the audio track record enable stays grey and the track does not record. I have tried all that I know to do…can someone help me?! I have reloaded drivers checked firmware… I can playback my recorded Midi track and music on the computer works fine including youtube games etc all through the mr816

Have you set up your (inputs) VST-connections (F4) correctly? Is your track frozen? Do you have downloaded and installed the new win 10 drivers for your mr816?

Svengali…thanks for input…I corrected the problem by uninstalling Cubase completely…including any directories I found including preferences…reinstalled Cubase from dvd with updates and she is now working! I am paranoid now however wondering if I missed any corrupted file that might have been left that I couldn’t find. I wish it was easier for a complete uninstall so no content is left …thanks again