Cubase 6 / 6.5 Frustration

Hi all,

I’m a total Cubase newb. I bought Cubase 6 the other day, installed it and updated to 6.5. I was hoping I would be set to go once installation was complete…Theres so much that is missing and not working its driving me mental. As I said, I am totally new to Cubase and I just can’t get my head around it. (I am running Mac OS X 10.7.3, 2 x 2.4 Quad Core, 12GB)

  1. When I create an instrument track with HaLionOne (which I installed off the CD under additional content) none of the presets show up. I’ve heard all these presets come in Sonic SE but i would prefer to use the HaLionOne interface. I have searched the knowledge base and found solutions to this for users that have previous versions of Cubase (unfortunately I do not fall under this category). Are the presets the .hsb files that are located on the install CD under “Additional Content/HaLionOne”? If so, where do i copy them to?

  2. In Cubase under the “VST Instruments” section, it shows I have:
    Groove Agent ONE
    HaLion Sonic SE

Am I under a false impression that Cubase 6 is supposed to include Monologue and Embracer. If not, why haven’t they installed?

  1. Also, Padshop and Retrologue are missing all presets. I’ll list below the number of presets that are shown for each instrument to check that its the correct default amount…

HaLion Sonic SE - 957
Mystic - 158
Groove Agent ONE - 66
LoopMash - 83
Prologue - 334
Spector - 204

The strange thing is if I go “Add Track > Using Track Preset”, Monologue shows up under the “Plugin Name” filter displaying 57 presets and Embracer does also, displaying 160 presets.

It would be very helpful to know where the presets are saved for the instruments and the difference between file types such as .vstsound etc. Apologies for my incompetence but I would love to get Cubase working properly and to its potential! I know its a long list but I would be VERY grateful if someone would be willing to help me sort this out and get my head around it. I am willing to offer a small payment (via Paypal) to someone who can guide me through the correct solutions.

Thanks in advance,


John, you will figure this out. Read the last post from me in the ‘Halion SE’ header in the main Cubase 6 window to see where the files are stored and where I put mine. In the case of Halion SE the files need to be moved. This is just a Cubase installer thing, move the files yourself.

I appreciate that you want to use Halion 1, but I think the ‘SE’ version is something that will serve you better.

It seems you found the ‘extras’, perhaps your need to store those files all in the same folder along with the Halion content, that’s what I did and it works fine.

Thanks for your reply mr.roos!

I think Monologue and Embracer only work under 32bit versions of OSX as they require rosetta to run.

OSX 10.7 is 64bit only and doesn’t include rosetta support.

They should be considered legacy products on the Mac side of Cubase.

Thanks for clearing that one up Richard!