Cubase 6 - 64 Bit and Arturia VST Analog Factory/Jupiter 8V

I can not open any Arturia VST Instrument in Cubase 6.03, 64 Bit, Windows 7, Intel Quad Core, *8 Gb RAM, RME Fireface UC. The stand alone applications works fine. It seems VST Bridge issue.

When I open instrument track and select any Arturia VST, the program hangs , I have go to Task Manager and close Cubase. Other third part VST like Synlenth, FL studio , 32 bit applications works fine .

Any suggestion or remedy.

Muzitek Creations

Hi there.

Have you tried jbridge?

Hope it helps :smiley:

Kind regards, Codsworth

hi there,glad someone else finally outthere complaining about this.
jupiter 8v 2 is the one i have the peroblem with.when i click on the presetss box,the list of presets dosent appear.few othere things too which i cant remember now.
i have posted on arturia forum,but there is no sign of the arturia vsts comming out as 64 bit.I didnt have probs with the other arturia synths tho,using jbridge.although that was in cubase 5.i must try them again in 6.
My advice to u is get on the arturia forum and start complaining.

let me know if u ever get jupiter 8 working properly.

Thanks Codsworth for J Bridge info. How about its compatibility with Cubase 6? Does Steinberg support it?



I have sent email to Arturia about my problem, they have not even bother to reply. Seems technical support does not exist for PC plateform. Lost interest with their products. Even their online pricing policy is not fair. One can buy very cheap from retailers, that too box product.