Cubase 6 (64-bit) and Focusrite Saffire : No Audio Heard

Hi, I just installed Cubase 6 (64-bit) and my Focusrite Saffire is selected as “Saffire 1394 ASIO x64”. It is playing back in Cubase (I can see the meters moving) and I’m also able to record because I am seeing waveforms appear when I sing in the mic. The issue is that I am not hearing any sounds in my headphones. Ive tried recording some narration in Adobe Audition and had no trouble hearing playback. What do I need to do to get the audio pumping out of the Saffire when using Cubase 6? The meters are showing activity and the waveform is being drawn… cant figure it out!


I’d suggest the Saffire Outputs are “Not Connected”.

Go Devices ->VST Connections and click the Outputs TAB.
In the Device Ports column, click on “Not Connected” & select
Out 1 for Left Channel & Out 2 for Right Channel.