Cubase 6 64 Bit and Waves

Waves not found
I have been using Cubase 1 since 2002 and Cubase 3 for a few years.
I just upgraded to 6 on a 64 bit platform. Some of my instruments dont work.
My big concern is my waves plug ins.
Is there a workaround?

Wait… What Waves instruments are you using? They only recently created one.

As to C6 and Win7 64bit, you can install the 32 bit version of C6 if you want. However, you can also install C6 in 64 bit but now you are dependent on the Steinberg 32>64 bit bridge for your 32 bit plugins and instruments. Try ‘JBridge’ instead if this is the case, Google it, it works better than the Steinberg bridge.

Do J bridge replace steinberg bridge or does steinberg bridge need to be removed?

By instruments, My main concern is RGC Audio Z3TA. It it plays well but is crashes when trying to view it.

Keep the Steinberg bridge installed because I don’t think you can uninstall it. When you purchase JBridge, the install procedure will take care of the plugin loading bridge preference.

The RGC I know nothing about, sorry. However, if it is a 32 bit instrument, JBridge will improve it’s performance.

As to Waves. If you only have 32 bit plugs from Waves, you need to upgrade to the 64 bit plugs. I believe $250 is a max from Waves, no matter the amount of 32 bit plugins.

JBridge is really good, no doubt, and inexpensive relative to upgrading all your plugins. That said, 64 bit plugins and instruments will perform better in the 64 bit domain. And the reason for this is that the designers had to typically redesign the plugins from the ground up.