Cubase 6 64 bit problems


I have been using Cubase since VST24 and I am at the moment running Cubase 4 32 bit,
Cubase 6 32 bit and Cubase 64 bit on a PC with Windows 7 (64 bit) and MOTU 24I/O and 2408Mk3
audio cards.

C4 and C6 32 bit is working as expected, but I have stumbled upon som problems with my C6 64 bit
version that I want to share with you to see if any one else got same or similar problems!

  • I sometimes loose all audio during playback - just like that!
    ASIO just dies …it’s dead…ceased to be… bereft of life.
    Same song in C6 32 works OK, but when playing in C6 64 bit
    all audio just dies suddenly.
    May be a problem with C6 64 bit and MOTU drivers!?!

  • I use Jamstix3 VSTi and can’t get midi output from VSTi to
    Midi input in C6 64 bit to work at all!!
    Same song in C6 32 bit works OK, but in C6 64 no midi input!
    Problem with “C6 64-bit wrapper not reading the JS MIDI data properly”,
    according to Rayzoon (creator of Jamstix)!!!

Anyone with same or similar problems?
Any solutions in the making…??


Hi Hackej,

I suspect it might be the 64bit MOTU ASIO drivers, rather than Cubase 64bit, simply because I’m not experiencing the same thing here with 64bit Cub 6! I’m using m-audio ProFire 64bit drivers, and don’t experience this total dropout, except for a brief time if the hard drives have spun down and need to spin up to feed the audio stream, and then all is well again.

Hope that’s of some use! :slight_smile:

Use Jbridge instead of wrapper (Vst bridge), then most if not all of your 32 bit plugins will run in Cubase 6 64 bit.
Try the Demo with your problem project and see if it will improve the situation, then buy it, best $20 I ever spent.
Will give you an idea of views on this subject ---- it’s a long running issue with entrenched postions.

Mee too!!!


Thanks for the replies!

I will try the JBridge and see if it changes any thing!


You bet JBridge does change things! I tried Jamstix 3 using VSTbridge and immediately the VST Performance meter jumped to about 10% without any processing/playing, so I didn’t even try to use it. With JBridge, JS 3 runs smoothly, MIDI Out works perfectly as I use it all the time. But enable ´opcode 19´ option first in JBridge settings.

You can improve latency even further in jbridge by unticking “getaudiotime hack” and ticking “performance mode” in settings.
You don’t have to do both, they are independant, but both effect latency and I do both with no negative effect so far, but I don’t have Jamstix.

The problem seems similar to mine (
Please check the fragments when you have audio “dying”. Turn all inserts off. Is audio still “dying” or you have…loud noise? (Remember to turn your loudspeakers down before!!)

i seem to be having a similar problem where asio drops out for a split second and pops loud when it comes back, at first i had a problem with what seemed to be some kind of memore leak or feedback where a split second of previously played music would echo back for a split second in cubase 4.5 on my i7 laptop in win 7 64, so i upgraded to cubase 6 and now have the split second drop out and back in, like plugging in a guitar to an amp while it’s turned on,
i never had a problem in xp or vista 32 bit, this showed up in my new i7 win 7 64 bit computer, never before.
anyone else experiencing this, i use cubase live in performance as well as recording, so either way it ruins a track and i need to redo it, or it pops while in performance, and it’s disturbing to say the least.

I have exactly the same problem with my MOTU Ultralite MKIII :frowning: Maybe anyone find a solution?

I’ve just find I reason why cubase x64 is lagging some much. The reason is CamelSpace x32 plugin. That pluging is not brindging correctly by a some reason. So in my case that problem can be fixed by upgrading CamelSpace to 1.5 x64 or just disable it.