cubase 6 64bit doesn't open 32bit projects?

Recently i got cubase 6. the 32bit version works ok. but the 64bit version is almost unworkable.
I already ‘transfered’ many cubase 5 projects to cubase 6. but when i try to open them in cubase 64bit they begin to load and than cubase hangs.

I can’t imagine that 64 bit Cubase can’t open 32 bit projects.

However, what comes to mind is:

How many VSTs are in your project?

I’m betting that VST Bridge is having a heart attack.
Probably every VST that your using has to be bridged (coming from a 32 bit Cubase).

Solution might involve removing them in 32 bit (keep the MIDI tracks), loading the now VST free project in 64 bit, and replacing the VSTs with their 64 bit counterparts.

Bridged VSTs take more resources.

I have all plugins bridged thru jbridge

No, it doesn’t. It even scans all your 32 bits projects at startup and rewrite them so they become unreadable by Cubase 32 bits also.

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The projects can be opened in either version (32 bit or 64 bit). I know there are users here who switch back and forth between 32 bit and 64 bit on the same computer. Most likely, it is the plug-ins that are the problem. Make sure your 32 bit Cubase is looking for the 32 bit .dll files and the 64 bit is looking for 64 bit .dll files. Using jBridge make sure Cubase is not seeing both the 64 bit file created by jBridge AND the original 32 bit .dll file. Have you just tried the plug-ins without jBridge yet? Cubase has a built in VST Bridge that works fairly well. I would add the plug-ins gradually and see if they work without conflict using the VST Bridge first.

Ok, I just did a new project in C6 32bit, no vst instruments this time, just audio tracks and vst plug ins. Opened it in c6 64bit, and waves plugins have settings all over the place, completely different than i saved them in the project

With Waves plug-ins, I believe you have to use JBridge, because the Cubase VST Bridge does not recognize the Waves Shell dll interface. Maybe it’s different now, but that has been my experience with the Platinum bundle.

I haven’t had any issues going back and forth between 32 and 64 bit, but I’ve spent quite a bit of effort making sure all necessary plug-ins are bridged properly. I only use JBridge, which means I don’t add the 32 bit plug-in folder to the VST path in 64 bit Cubase, I add the JBridged folder and the 64 bit plug-in path.

Works pretty well.

I use Jbridge v1.4