Cubase 6 64bit template won't open anymore

So I have this template, it just won’t open anymore. It started with crashing one in a while, now it just does it all the time.

I reinstalled PLAY and all the correct libraries, clean reinstall not just repair, and that seemed to fix things for a bit.
ALl my other templates work fine with the same vsts running.

I attached some pictures, not sure if they will help

I lose way too many templates whenever I’m composing on my PC!
Thanks for your help!

I have this happen pretty often unfortunately. It seems to happen mostly because of bridged plugins. Try removing all your 32-bit plugs from your VST folder then reopen the project. Also, make sure you have your preferences set to generate two backup files. Sometimes when either you are saving or the autosave is happening, the bridge will corrupt your Cubase file! :cry:

Still can’t get it open. It would have good days, not it just won’t open.

It always crashes at “kt1. (4)”
I’m assuming that’s the 4th instance of kontakt, but why that one?

THis is so annoying this is an important project.

I also have many back up files, and even saved to other locations. They all won’t open.
Would repairing kontakt work? It isn’t bridged, so I don’t know why it would always crash when loading kontakt.