Cubase 6 64bit Upgrade from 5 installation Experiance

Hi folks,
Just wanted to let you know an issue I had when upgrading. The upgrade installed Cubase 6 as a new version and left 5 on the PC. Everything went smooth untill I tried to load an old project and I got an error message. Basically all my plugins were missing on various channels. I had spent a lot of sweat and tears finding and pointing the Cubase 5 Plug in info Vst 2 plugin paths to all my VST 64 bit plugins like toontrack superior 2,EZ mix, pod farm, liqued mix etc. However after a second of head swooning I remembered 5 was still there so I went to the folder and coppied all the paths in 5 shut down and had a map to locate them all in 6. Once I had added all the paths to the Cubase 6 VST 2 plug in paths and restarded Cubase 6 my old project loaded as if it had been there all the time.
So I guess I’m saying if you realise it will not replace 5 and you were going to uninstall it before putting 6 in remember to go to this folder and copy all your paths to various plug ins if you have them. It will save you a lot of grief.

By the way the new interface looks great in all my monitors. I think I’m going to love this.

It was always the case that a new version of Cubase specifically did not uninstall or overwrite older versions … in fact, you can have e.g. C4, C5 and C6 all installed at the same time if you so wish. What does appear to be different this time though, is that in previous versions it would read your Preferences and try to duplicate them automatically in the new version – this doesn’t appear to happen with C6, which would explain what you’re seeing.

This can be seen as (a) a PITA or (b) a Good Thing, as a lot of problems in the past turned out to be solved by “trashing prefs”, i.e. deleting the folder that contains all Cubase preferences and starting afresh.