Cubase 6 AI (Audio is very quite)


New here…

I have an Audio Technica AT4040 mic connected to my UR28M which in turn is connected to my computer.

The only difference is my Phones 1 is turned up a bit more.

Here is a short video of me starting a new project & recording audio. The audio IS there on playback, however it is very quite.

I imported a song & the volume was just fine.

I used this equipment for my twitch streaming a year or so back, however now I’m using it for simply recording & I never used Cubase before. Also the license warnings which come up are weird as I have ELCC installed & updated as well as Cubase being registered.



Turn Input 1 or Input 2 clockwise, to increase the input level.


Thank you very much!

I did have to turn it up to 9 & now it just sounds like I’m in a tin can, but I’ll try to work that at tomorrow!