Cubase 6 AI - Yamaha MX Setup (popup)

Hi, I am getting a window in Cubase which says “Yamaha MX Setup”. I have never gotten this before and pop ups everytime i start Cubase.

Why is this suddenly happening?

Another thing that bothers me is that **3-**Yamaha MX49/61-1 - why does the 3- suddenly appear here - never been before?

Hope somebody knows about this and can help me clarify?

See screendump:

I think the C6ai was meant to be shipped with certain products. e.g Yamaha Mx 49 and 61 synths. Hence why it may require the Mx set up since there is a built in integration between the MX series and C6ai. Although, it should be useable without the need of an Mx synth. You may however need to change the sound card setting from the mx in the sound card option to whatever it is you use as default. I hope that helps.