Cubase 6 + AKAI MPK49

Hi there,

I just got my hands on new MIDI Controller. The AKAI MPK 49.
If anybody out there use it, give me some advices. I manage to play the keys with soft synth but not transport and arppegiator works.
I want use with Cubase and Ableton. Which I know works great. I mean with Ableton.
Any point out about it would be good reference.



Any info will be very welcome. As this is a new controller for me I would appreciate any income.
Just went through the manuals and could not figure it out :frowning:

Thank you guys!

Check out this post how to setup the transport keys (for Cubase).
And this post how to setup the appregiator/note repeat.
Good luck :sunglasses:

That guy went to WAY too much trouble to get the transport to work. You don’t need to hack anything.
If you read the MPK manual, it tells you that the transport buttons are MMC buttons. You don’t set those up in the MIDI setup window.
You have to set up the MPK transport buttons under :Project Synchronization Setup settings, under Midi Clock destinations select the MPK in the list
other settings:
Midi Clock Follow Project Position – ON
Always Send Start Message – ON
Send Midi Clock in Stop Mode - ON

You can also check out this thread:

Thank you all guys. I will give it go when I return from work.
I got my crossed to make it work propely and quickly now.

Hv a good day.


That guy was me and you are absolutely right, MMC is the way to go for the MPK!
Sorry for the misinformation :blush:

I just managed to make the apegiator and time division work. Whick sounds great. :wink:
But the transport switches still not working at all. I’ve trying all above instructions and it seem not want to. :blush:
With Ableton it works straight way BUT with Cubase 6 it is giving me hard time.
I just read the manual and I could not found better info…so I’m returnig here.

Thank you all…Thanks a lot…Half way done !


On the main menu in Cubase at the top, click on the word “Transport”
at the bottom look for " Project Synchronization Setup" click on it
In the window that opens, make sure you have these settings in the first box and last box, but ignore the middle box
I have an MPK25 but the settings are the same,
good luck

Thank you johngar…but it still not making any effect on C6. Im just about to give up.
Appergiator worked as you explain but the transport switches not…thanks anyway !

Thank you all guys !

Did you properly configure your MPK?
In other words, did you set the transport buttons of the MPK to MMC?
Edit -> [push] transport button -> enter -> fully rotate counterclockwise (MMC) -> Save preset

Yes, check that. I assumed they would be set to MMC by default.