Cubase 6 always forgets I/O configuration

This is getting very annoying. Each time I open Cubase 6, it’s forgotten my input and output settings, reverting them to a bizarre default (with many I/O disconnected, illogical pairing etc.). Serious pain in the neck. Plus, when a few are disconnected, the CPU overload light stays lit until I sort it out manually, and because it’s overloaded, clicking new I/O is immensely sluggish. Once I’ve reassigned it, it’s fine. Why does it do this?

I’ve got presets saved for the ins and outs, but having to re-arrange my external instruments takes even longer because you can’t save presets for this.

I’m using C632 and 64 with an Echo AF8, on Win7 Pro 64. Anyone know why Cubase has such a hard time remembering these things? C4 used to do it as well. I can trash my prefs, but the issue inevitably returns.

Any help would be grand, thanks.

Are you opening an empty project? Empty projects don’t recall I/O assigns.
In my personal case i have made my own default template with my personal I/O configuration and C6 always reminds it pretty well.
On the other hand if my Delta 1010 gets unavailable (overload ASIO driver crash,disconnected,etc) the template forgets the I/O and re-assign it in his own way.
So i believe that your sound card is somehow disabled before you launch C6 and that’s why it doesn’t see it and recall the I/O.
Maybe your mobo sound card is getting priority over your Echo AF8.

More info about your specs could be useful.

Thanks for the help! Yeah, my AF8 doesn’t help matters, as it’s often not recognised (I sometimes have to cycle the power before I can select its ASIO driver).

Hmm, I guess I should use a template. Seems odd to have to use a template even though it’ll basically be blank. Still, I think you can set a template to start automatically on startup, can’t you?

Always start with a template, you can make several, as it sets up the sequencer the way you saved the template and saves having to define everything each time .

I have a similar problem. If I I load an old project which had a different I/O setup to the one im currently working on, cubase assigns its own (often wrong) I/o. Returning to my current project results in totally forgotton settings. Hugely frustrating.

Yeah, same thing happens when you switch audio driver. This is why defaults would be handy.

When Loading my templates, although the settings seem to be loaded, the names pf the presets dont show - si in a way you dont know that they are loaded, but they perfom as if they are - mostly 64 bit. Its been going on fr a few versions here.

I use a turnaround in order to find back my I/O configuration.
Press F4, add stereo buses with the right input and output configuration, save it, then load it every time you create a new project

Yes, I too use saved presets.i work in stereo and surround and have saved configurations for both set ups but they both vannish fro m view though they continue to operate. If i load a cpr for stereo then restart and want to load a surround project i have to manually find the preset its not saved with the project nor can i see anything in the preset window.

Using presets is good and well for input and output busses, but what about external effects? No presets there (for whatever reason), which means they have to be configured by hand, every time. Drives me crazy.

Is there a way to specify the default startup configuration for all VST Connections settings?