Cubase 6 - am I a little outdated?

Hello people,

I have joined this forum as I am an active user of Cubase 6 and a recording musician. I am starting to get a bit of notice for my work and I am thinking of upgrading my DAW. The thing is, I’m pretty happy with Cubase 6 as it does the job. I am looking at upgrading to v9.5 but I read all the reviews and videos from users online and don’t necessarily take their views as realistic because usually there is a sponsored link in the bio to buy the product! :laughing:

I guess what I want to know is if anyone out there has recently upgraded from 6 - are you happy? Or are there any people out there who always upgrade as soon as a new version is released… alternatively, who still uses Cubase 2 and couldn’t be happier :sunglasses:

Thanks and I’m looking forward to contributing to this community :smiley:


Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Please add your info to your forum signature so we know what you got.

Back to your subject… I typically update for the new features.

Like… Render-in-Place, improved click functions, improved USB device connection, the “zone” concept, of course a lot more. But, only you can tell if these improvements are worth an upgrade. CB6 was a fine release and if that is working then… keep it. BTW… if you do upgrade, it will installed as a separate program so you will still be able to run your CB6.

So review the latest “In Detail” information and see if you would benefit from the improvements. Just remember, the latest versions of CB are 64 bit only. And they are designed to only run 64 bit VSTs. You can get around that limitation but, IMO, right now 64 is the way to go.

Have fun choosing. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses: