Cubase 6 and all derivatives: 6.0.6 update available

Dear Cubase v6 users,

today we are pleased to release the free 6.0.6 maintainance Update! It brings the long-awaited ReWire x64 support for connecting Cubase to ReWire client applications in a pure 64-bit environment under Windows and Mac OS X.

In addition we also provide the following issue resolutions for Cubase 6 derivatives:*

    1. Plug-in: Scaling the user interface now works properly with FXpansion instruments.

    1. Plug-in: Changing of knob mode in Preferences now applies directly to opened VST plug-in windows and does no longer require an unloading and reloading of the plug-in.

    1. VST Expression: Vienna Symphonic Library titles now work correctly with Expression maps, even when the entry for Articulation 1 is empty.

    1. VST Expression: Placing different parts that contain VST Dynamic events on the same track now works as expected.

    1. Surround: Processing 5.0 surround audio offline with Waves C360 (v9 or higher) no longer leads to memory issues.

    1. Surround: 5.0 surround audio files now import with a correct speaker configuration (LCRLfeLs).

    1. Pool: Emptying the pool no longer leads to stability issues.

    1. Video: Playing back projects containing certain video files using Cubase LE 6 / AI 6 / Elements 6 no longer renders the application unreliable

  1. _ Please note that this list applies to Cubase 6 and not every entry may apply to Cubase Artist 6, Cubase Elements 6, Cubase AI 6 or Cubase LE 6._*

The updaters can be found at:

Cubase 6

Cubase Artist 6

Cubase LE 6

Cubase AI 6

Cubase Elements 6

Thanks for choosing Cubase!

Helge Vogt
Product Marketing Manager Cubase
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH

And it’s been released!
Helge edited the title and 1st post, but that doesn’t show as a new post :wink:)

Update link for v6.5 users?

Except for two issues, 6.5 includes already all of the listed improvements. the remaining will be included in 6.5.2!
We also just released a 6.5.1 pre-release, which resolves a VST Expression specific issue (see announcement).


I see, thanks…

64 bit rewire! Ahhhhhh… Thank you, Danke Wunderbar. :smiley:

Seems to be all ok here.

So nothing is broken on the mac side?

I’d like to know: is there any free rewire slave that could send AU signals to Cubase? I feel that maybe an Audio Unit that isn’t subject to the VST wrapper may work better on my system.

Unfortunately, Garageband is host-only, and the only program I know that could do this is Vienna Ensemble Pro. I’d rather have something that is not CPU intensive, and is created for the aforementioned purpose.

VE Pro isn’t cpu intensive from my experience. What about Bidule?

If you’re on a Mac try piping audio in via soundflower

Bidule looks very good; I’d have to buy it eventually.

Is there a link to forum posts describing this?

I’m confused. Do you have two separate versions of Cubase now? 6.0.6 VS 6.5? If I’m on 6.5, i don’t need the 6.0.6 update? Am I supposed to wait for 6.5.1? Will changes in 6.0.6 be reflected in updates for people who own 6.5?