Cubase 6 and all derivatives: 6.0.7 update pre-announcement

Dear Cubase v6 users,

After the update is always just before the update: now that Cubase 6.0.6 is almost out of the door, we are already working on 6.0.7 to keep our promise to bring you the array of issue resolvements from the 6.5 version for free!
To bring you the bug-squeezes even faster, our first shot will be a pre-release version of 6.0.7. So just for the record I refrain from what our long-time users already know by heart: the pre-release is unsupported as it did not complete our full QA testing cycle. Of course our internal preliminary testing indicates that it is stable and reliable, so we are confident you’ll enjoy it, or else we wouldn’t offer it.

As usual 6.0.7 builds on the previous 6.0.6 version and brings the following improvements for Cubase 6 derivatives:*

    1. Project: When importing and exporting track archives, marker tracks are now properly stored and restored.

    1. Project: Project saving time is improved.

    1. Audio: Selecting multiple mixer channels via SHIFT modifier no longer selects input/output channels accidentally.

    1. Audio: Exporting a quad-channel audio mixdown to MP3 format no longer renders the application unresponsive.

    1. Audio: Recalling a VST Connection preset while the Audio Export Mixdown dialog is open no longer renders the application unresponsive.

    1. Audio Editing: After splitting a VariAudio segment of a shared clip, pressing the Cancel button in the “New Version” window no longer renders the application unresponsive.

    1. Audio Editing: Editing an audio clip with VariAudio, then deleting it and undoing the whole operation now works as expected.

    1. Audio Editing: Inserting silence into a selected range now works as expected if the selection end is directly followed by a signature change.

    1. MIDI: Recording in MIDI Replace mode now works as expected at any project time.

    1. Plug-in: When using the Mix6to2 plug-in, the first channel (volume left) is now fully automatable.

    1. Plug-in: When using Cloner, automating the “Detune natural” button no longer mutes the audio signal.

    1. Plug-in: Automating the Voices parameter in Cloner now works properly.

    1. Plug-in: After saving and loading VST Presets, the bypass state of specific plug-ins is now recalled correctly.

  1. _ Please note that this list applies to Cubase 6 and not every entry may apply to Cubase Artist 6, Cubase Elements 6, Cubase AI 6 or Cubase LE 6._*

We are still baking on the 6.0.7 maintenance update and aim to make it available as a pre-release for all registered Cubase users in April!

Thanks for choosing Cubase!

Helge Vogt
Product Marketing Manager Cubase
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH

Since the 6.5.1 fix has only one item (VST Dynamic events or such), does that mean the fixes listed here were already part of Cubase 6.5.0?

they were.

Holding back on a massive dose of snark.

Nice that Cubase 6.0 users have to wait until April for the same fixes already in 6.5. Fortunately these ‘issue resolvments’ are gracefully being offered for free.

Is this a free update or do I need 6.5 in order to get 6.0.7? I am confused to how it works.

It’s free, you don’t need 6.5

what you talking about “gracefully being offered for free” if you sell something that doesn`t work right …you fix it… end of chat.

Yes, I was being sarcastic. If you read Helge’s post it sounds like Steinberg are doing us a favour by giving the standard bug fixes from the 6.5 update to us for free in the 6.07 patch.

Makes you wonder why these were not in the 6.06 patch. Also now Steinberg have split their 6.x user base into two different version tiers, surely support will be more complicated versus having everyone running the latest version.

Hello Steinberg,
I tryied the 6.5.1… It still have problems with VST expressions, VSL Contrabasses still doesn’t start with following articulations : Tremolos, pizz, col Legno, Staccatos, Detaches.
Can You fix it ?
Thank You,
i still work with 5.5.3 despite spending all the money for upgrading… :frowning:

It is due to time.

“Cubase 5-style” lane editing - not in 6.0.7, right? Gotta get 6.5?

Yes, it seems 6.07 only includes the bug fixes from 6.5

Don’t be hurry, nothing yet, regarding VST expressions, have been fixed…

What’s new in automation? I can upgrade from 6.0.2? or still not

I think we should stop complaining.
Most others would have stopped developing any patches at all for a 6.x version once a 6.5x version is out.

I upgraded from 6.0.5 to 6.5. The first thing was the hanging, it took a few reboots to get it to stay running. Once it did the latency with any effects or eq made it unusable.

I am using a TASCAM DM-24 with generic remote, the latency between the faders also made it unusable.

I rolled back and all is well again.

When we get a few more patches for 6.5 I will try again, until them 6.0.x it is

I have 6.5 running perfectly here with the Tascam DM-3200 on below mentioned hardware. Must be something else going on with your setup.

can you play back tracks with effects and overdub without any latency?

Well, as you probably understand, latency is no issue for overdubs anyway, since the artists monitor through the desk. But yeah, just had a session right after installing 6.5 with 50+ tracks recording horns and vocals to existing drum, percussion, bass, guitar and keys. I didn’t use internal effects - usually all is outside the box.