cubase 6 and Axiom 49

problems with instrument tracks. A sort of latency occurs,when using audio with midi, or another combination of vst plugins. Before I used Cubase Studio 5, the same problem was solved with a appropiate xml file from M audio, there is no xml file for cubase 6 as it seems.
Does anyone have the same problem ? Please help.

I am using the Axiom 61 2nd generation with no problems… What input and output latency is showing in devices


This latency depends on the sound card, not on the MIDI controller. Or I don’t know about counting this latency.

I think you can use the same XML for the Cubase 6, why not? I don’t know, what could be different in this case.


From my experience with Cb 5 as well as 6 the input and output latency does have an effect. When I record a midi instrument using my Axiom 61 I have to have latency’s below 10 ms in order to not get any delay. Also I have noticed any plugins on the stereo buss need to be turned off to improve latency. My Axiom 61 has worked fine in both CB 5 and 6…