Cubase 6 and DFX plug-ins


I am having trouble using any of the Super Destroy FX VST plug-ins with Cubase 6 on a Mac. The plug-ins show up under the menu but nothing happens when any of the DFX plug-ins are selected. And when I open a project that uses a DFX plug-in, Cubase says that the plug-in is missing. The DFX VSTs worked fine in previous versions of Cubase.

I emailed the DFX folks and they said that they don’t have C6 for testing. Plus they stopped developing the VST years ago.

Is there a known issue with the DFX plug-ins and Cubase 6? Can anyone else verify this issue?


I have a similar problem with Soundtoys Native. Sometimes when I choose the plugins from the plugin list, nothing happens and I cannot insert them no matter how many times I try. However, the Soundtoys plugins I already have inserted in the project work fine.