Cubase 6 and Digi 002R

Has anyone been able to successfully get the Digi 002R’s midi i/o to work with Cubase 6 and Windows 7 64 bit? Apparently Avid’s new asio drivers don’t work which I can confirm (audio is crackly no matter what I do) so I reverted back to the 8.04b drivers which work really well with audio but the midi is broken. I tried the ignorefilterport but that didn’t work as well. I may replace the interface with the Steinberg MSR interface but this 002R has the Black Lion Tweakhead modification which sounds incredible. Thanks in advance.


Same problem here though with an 003. I am using the 8.04b driver, though cracles and distirtion suddenly occur, meaning i have to reset to fix. Have you found a work around yet?