Cubase 6 and double monitor display

Why cant I have the mixer on one display and the sequenser on the other with Cubase 6 ?

Is it only the VST instruments you can show on the other screen ?

Thats basic that you could choose what you want to have visible if you have two monitors in Windows 7.

Will Steinberg fix this in the next version ?

I also saw the same issue in Wavelab 7 and two displays.

You should not “Maximize” the main Cubase window when using dual screens. Instead, click and hold the edge and drag the window to fill both screens:

Then you size the project window (same way via dragging it to resize it) to fill one monitor and then size your mixers and whatever else on the second screen. Technically you could maximize the main screen and simply set the mixer and whatever else you want on the right monitor to “Always on Top”. To do that you have to right click in an empty area of the window (mixer for example) for the option to show. That method has it’s own issues though so you’re probably better off sizing up the windows to the layout you want.


Spanning monitors with the main window is only good if ALL the monitors to be used form a contiguous rectangle, otherwise parts of the window will be inaccessible. That is, using displays of different resolutions will likly create problems.

Unfortunately, spanning is the only way to use the score.

Right-click on the mixer and set it to Always On Top.

It’s not a case to fix for it is this way by design. Although I agree, and already suggested in the forum that editors should work like the mixer, a floating windows with an option for ´always on the top´. In my case, I want to use Score Editor in one monitor and Key Editor in the other, and that’s not possible with Cubase maximized, which is the best way to work, since you gain workspace and do not risk of dragging Cubase main windows accidentally.

Wow - I never thought to do that. Good information


Works for Channel Settings windows, too.

I think Steinberg really should look at floating windows in the next version of Cubase.

In my case I also use Sonar X1 Producer and one of the new features from ver 8.5 was the new interface called
skylight. Whatever you have one screen, two screens, three screens, you can configure the windows whatever
you want.

Patanjali, thanks for mentioning that. That is exactly the issue I’m up against and have been told way too many times that “it’s easy, just drag the window across”. Well, “across diagonally and up onto the wall-mounted second monitor” just doesn’t work well in practice and leaves huge areas of the cubase window outside of any visible monitor. Prime real estate for unreachable pop-up windows and so on.

Great explanation of the issue. While the drag Cubase across 2 monitors works fine for some folks, those same folks often seem unable to believe that it doesn’t work for everyone. This easily explains why.

Problem is that this also implies that the window will be hidden whenever another application gets input focus.
See separate topic here:

Nobody is doubting people have an issue with this, it’s just that currently that’s the only real solution. Obviously many have complained about it. But let me ask, are you using two different sized monitors? I use two of the very same model monitors and personally have no issue. I imagine those with monitors of two different resolutions would have a serious issue. In that sort of case the only real current work around is using “Always on Top”, which doesn’t work for everything and has it’s own drawbacks.


Yes, using a laptop. It has too little screen space to start with, so a second monitor is desirable. But an external monitor will almost always be both 1) a different size, resolution, and aspect ratio, and 2) not directly adjacent or lined up with the laptop screen. And if you regularly take the laptop to remote locations, you will often be switching it to single-monitor mode from double-monitor mode which as far as I’ve read anyway makes you even more prone to the “where did my XYZ window go?” problem.

I don’t find any of this an issue except for the “XYZ” part. I have a secondary monitor with lower resolution, smaller screen size and different aspect ratio. I just drag ‘Always on Top’ child windows there such as the Mixer, Chanel Settings, VST Instruments … and leave the main window with Project window, Editors, etc., on the primary screen. The monitors aren’t even lined up … but it works fine to glance over at the mixer or an instrument while I’m working in the project window. I guess the point is don’t ‘maximize’ the main window, but drag/ expand it to the full screen on your main monitor … and use the secondary monitor for other things … which you can also scale/ drag for that monitor.

As far as the “where did my XY window go?,” try these recommendation by I.M.O.G. from the Overclocker’s blog: "I usually switch the resolution, then switch it back to normal, and windows are repositioned into the viewable area when this is done.

Alternatively, right click on the toolbar entry for that window and select move. Then use your keyboard arrow keys to reposition the window into a viewable position.

When your done, close and reopen the app and ensure its still viewable. If not, put it back in the viewable area then hold ctrl and click on the x to close the window. Next time it will remember that position."