Cubase 6 and DrumCore 3 compatibility issues

I recently upgraded from Cubase 5 Essential to Cubase 6. I am thrilled at the number of things I now have available on the full out Cubase vs. the Essential version, not to mention the cool new futures of C6. I am runing into one problem and wanted to see if anyone out there has seen this. When I open DrumCore as a VST Instrument within Cubase I am unable to drag and drop the audio loops as I was able to do in C5 Essential. I’m not sure if there is a compatibility issue there or if I’m just doing something wrong. Any ideas?

Drag and drop from where?

I open up DrumCore 3 as an VST Instrument insert, and from Drumcore I can grab a loop, drag over a track and drop it.

I just tried and was able to drag an audio loop from DC3 into C6 32bit running on Win7 64 bit.

I’m using Cubase 6 64bit and Wndos 7 64 bit. It is strange because it works fine when I open Cubase 5 Essential. The other strange thing it is doing is that if I create a loop using the DrumCore Toolkit and export as Audio File at say 120bpm, when I bring it into CB6 set to 120bpm it is not synched to the same beat. This is frustrating…