Cubase 6 and Korg Nanokontrol2

HI all,

I’m trying to setup a nanokontrol2 to control midi CC data (volume, mod, expression, etc.) but am having a hard time assigning specific values to the faders. If I add it as a generic remote in the device setup window nothing seems to work. Without a specific generic device added in Cubase the nanokontrol is still transmitting data but it’s simply mapping CC0-7 on the 7 faders (CC0 on the first fader, CC1 on the second, etc). I’m just wondering where I can go to customize which fader controls which CC value? I’ve run the Korg editor and mapped the device as I’d like it and confirmed that it’s running in CC mode. But in Cubase, none of the assigned CC values remain as I had them setup with the editor. Surely I’m missing something simple, but any help would be most appreciated.


FYI - Mac OSX Lion