Cubase 6 and Line 6 gearbox - trouble !

Hi everyone,

First message here :slight_smile: I’m a Cubase user since VST5, and I wanted to check out Cubase 6 before updating. So I installed the trial version. Problem is, I can’t load older projects. I finally figured out that it’s Line 6 Gearbox plugin which freezes Cubase (it stops loading the poroject at the “channel loading” phase). By the same token, if I start with a fresh Cubase 6 project, and I try to insert the Gearbox plugin, it freezes.

Does it come from Cubase or Line 6 ? What’s the deal here ? Anyone else has this problem ? That would be a deal breaker for me, as I use this plugin in every project I do, and real shame as Cubase 6 looks pretty cool :frowning:

Is it listed in the Blacklist XML file in prefs? If so, try deleting the file with Cubase closed and then re-starting.

Thanks for the reply. Would you mind explaining the procedure you suggest ? Thanks :slight_smile: