Cubase 6 and Lion Conjoined

I am proud to announce that I installed Lion OS X and the Cubase 6.03 update successfully, all works fine. I also updated the hardware update for my MR816x all, is working fine. No issues to report. Thanks Steinberg for your speedy service in addressing Lion and its compatibility status after Lion took off last week. Oh yes, Wavelab 7 works fine also. :smiley: WARNING: DO NOT UPDATE LION ON A CLEAN PARTITION. UPDATE INTO YOUR SNOW LEOPARD PARTITION OR HARD DRIVE IN WHICH YOU HAVE CUBASE 6 INSTALLED.

why the warning? i hate updating if iโ€™m going to a new o/s i like to do it clean

Aloha and mahalo for the info T. Good to read.

At this point Iโ€™m waiting for SampleTank to
โ€˜suite upโ€™ and get into the 64 bit/Lion game.