Cubase 6 and Mackie Control Unit


i recently purchased a Mackie Control Unit and i am trying to run it on a iMac 27" with Mountain Lion in Cubase 6. I have setup the Midi connection and everything seems to work fine so far. But i have on Problem that seems to be a result of a faulty settings either in cubase or on the MCU.

Everything works great. except, when i move the faders. i see that cubase follows. But the when i let go of the fader on the MCU it jumps back to its former position whereas cubase remains in the new position. That happens to all the 8 channel faders + masterfader. That doesn´t happen with the v-pots when i adjust the pan oder the EQ. it only happens with the faders. and it is not that the MCU doesn´t receive MIDI-in signals. it does, cuz (1st) when i grab a fader in the cubase mixer with the computer mouse and shift it, the MCU follows. and (2nd) it doesn´t happen when i run the MCU in Hui mode. So the hardware seems to be fine. It kinda seems like something in the protocol gets twisted on the way between cubase and the MCU.

can you help me?



i have found the problem. Unlike the HUI the MCU has touch-sensitive-faders. and this function seems to be a lil bit worn out on my unit. i have to push down the faders real hard to active the auto-selection. And THEN it works as it is supposed to.

But here is my new Question: how can i deactivate the touch-sensitivity on the faders? i know it is safety-feature to prevent the faders from being accidently shifted out of position. but i would rather take that risk than pushing the fader like an idiot 20 times until the autoselect kicks in…

I once had a Tascam FW1884. And i remember that it was possible to deactive the touch sensitivity there. But i can´t remember if this function was in cubase or in the Tascam-Panael.

Can someone help me?

I have no idea, but maybe you can calibrate the touch sensitivity? I know I can on my CC121 which is a different device alltogether but that would be the best solution right?