Cubase 6 and Mackie DL32r

Hello everyone. I’m hoping someone could help me with this issue. I recently purchased the Mackie DL32r. Pretty cool mixer; however, I’m having a probably with playback on Cubase. I been working on a project and recently hooked up the DL32 and I’m using it as a computer interface. When I use other music application on my Mac such as Spotify, iTunes, etc., the music play back is just fine. When I go to listen to projects, everything is faster. The tempo was never changed; however, the tracks play back fast and of course the pitch of everything is much faster. Any ideal what’s gone wrong here?

Yes, that’s a samplerate mismatch.
Check your project settings and soundcard settings, and make sure they’re both set to the same samplerate.
44.1kHz is probably what you want, unless you know what you’re doing :wink: