Cubase 6 and NI Massive (Crashes)

Hello , I recently bought Cubase 6 and I wanted to make some Dubsteppy things. However, when I tried to use NI Massive It’s OK for a while but after somethimes It suddenly crashed. I’m using Komplete 7 Pack and Cubase 6 64bit EDU , Win 7 64bit . I can’t find what is the problem while Kontakt 4 or Rob Papen Subboombass working fine.

How can I solve this problem or bug any solutions ?
Any help welcomed
Have a nice day

Update massive to 1.2.


Thanks I will try it then feedback
have a nice day :slight_smile:

Problem was Massive v1.14 . Thanks for help. I just installed previous version of Massive and all my problems gone !

Thanks again.Have a nice day.

What went wrong with 1.2?