cubase 6 and Nuendo 5

Hey all;

first time post. I have just purchased Cubase 6,for a new build, after using Nuendo 3 for many years. I still like to use Nuendo, but I can’t seem to get it to work in my new rig (core i7, windows 7). anyway point is, I was thinking of upgrading to N5, WITHOUT the NEK. Am I wrong in assuming that since I have all the Cubase instruments already, I won’t need them in N5?

Amy info would be appreciated.



cubase 6, core i7 950,12G ram, RME Raydat, 2x Creamware a16 converters. Uad2 duo 2x uad1

Hi T, hazarding a guess here, but Im sure you’ll be fine, although having everything (Vsti’s - extra Midi features etc) all in the one program would be better for a faster workflow. it still stumps me why Steinberg chose the NEK route?, I mean trying to eek out another 700 bucks or so, for loomash & prologue etc, I think just borders on mean!.

I cant think of any reason if you have C6 & Nuendo 5 (-nek) then you should have all bases covered,albeit a bit more of a hassle, but a more knowledgable user of Nuendo might care to comment if there are drawbacks. also It would have been a nice gesture if your a registered C6 owner that you get the NEK for free!..would have been the honourable thing in my book, and If they did, I would upgrade in a flash :smiley:

The main drawback would be compatability with projects you have done in Cubase, not being opened properly in Nuendo…which in all aspects is rather a big MINUS …and in all honesty if youve paid for all the extra features once, why the bloody hell should you have to pay for them again!.. :astonished: Yup if youve purchased Cubase, and you wish to upgrade to Nuendo, A free NEK would be the decent thing.

I hear you,… Really used to Nuendo for mixing so I can upgrade for $499 $650 with NEK. I think I’ll can NEK for now

Thanks for the reply


Have you tried the Nuendo 5.5 demo at MySteinberg ?.

To me it seems like you’ll have to buy NEK to have full Cubase capability (ie. no drum editor etc.).


You won’t be able to use the C6 instruments in N5 without NEK.