Cubase 6 and older files

I have bought a copy of Cubase 6 after learning on SX3 for a little while. When I try to open some of the older files (that were created in SX3 while learning it) in Cubase 6 the system freezes and gives the message ‘Sorry this is not Cubase VST/24 3.7 or higher’.

There’s no mention of this error message on the WWW at all.

Any ideas out there?


Pentium Dual Core PC with Windows 7 and 4GB of RAM… Audiophile card

Did you save those projects as .all files?

They would probably have been .cpr files. I will have to check with the old system. The old project files now come up as Cubase6 files…

I was thinking .all as that was the Cubase VST format.
If you still have SX3 installed, try resaving them.
Only other thing I can think of is you may have used plugins that are no more available in C6

The only problem is… the system I was working on isn’t mine…
I did try to make sure all the instruments and plugins used were on my new system though.
Did you recognise the system message? It’s very odd that it hasn’t turned up anywhere on the web.

Thanks very much though.