Cubase 6 and POD Farm 2.0

Okay, so I’ve watched the basic tutorial videos on Cubase 6 but I’m still a little confused. My whole purpose to using POD Farm for recording is so that I can record the dry signals of my guitar and reamp later. When I use POD Farm as an insert, I do not get the usual “Send 1-2” and “Send 3-4” on the recording mixer on the POD Farm program. When I use it independently, I can see the “Send 1-2” and “Send 3-4” but I can’t figure out how to set up the inputs on Cubase to allow me to record the dry signal as well as the wet signal. Can someone help me?

If you insert pod farm on a Cubase audio track & record on to that track the recording will still be of the dry guitar & you can change the amp models afterwards. The inserts are post record (unless you insert them on audio input channels rather than tracks)
Not sure how pod farm recording mixer works but I think you probably can just forget about it & record to the cubase track.

Oh my gosh, you just helped me make an epiphany. Thank you so much!