Cubase 6 and Studio Manager


I just got a reply from Yamaha support and they tell me that the current version of Studio Manager does work with 64 bit OSX. So I tried and it does work! I’m very happy about that . . .

But, for some reason when I open my new version of Cubase 6, I can not find where to access it. (Studio Manager magically appeared in my older versions of Cubase 3-4&5) I was prompted when loading a song to sync my Studio Manager, but now I get nothing.

Also there was a “Studio Manager” option in the devices drop down menu - it is no longer there. Any ideas?

Thanks so much!


While it may “work”, AFAIK, SM for C6 64 bit is still NOT 64 bit. Try running it in standalone mode.

Cool, thanks for the info. I was guessing this would be the case.

I had hoped Yamaha support would have been honest about it. Seems like there just is not any company (corporation) that can truly give honest, customer support and satisfaction these days . . .