Cubase 6 and the Virus Ti

Hey everyone,

I just got myself a shiny new Virus Ti and I am having some difficulties getting it to work in Cubase 6. When I load a new instance of the Virus Ti Control Vst get an error message “a communication error has occurred. the virus ti does not respond to request messages or the transmitted data is corrupt” From then on, midi stops working and I cannot hear any of the patches. When I open Logic and run the Virus Ti, it works perfectly. I’d rather use the Virus with Cubase tbh. Has anyone got a fix for this or any information?

Your help greatly appreciated.


How is it connected to the system? Look to the MIDI Timing link in my sig.

Hi thanks for your reply

I am Mac OSX Lion and not windows. It connects via USB


Are Emulated MIDI Ports available on Mac? All drivers up to date? Tried trashing Prefs?

Still hard to remember the PC and Mac forums are co-ed now. :laughing:

I’ve been using a Virus TI via the plugin and USB connection with Cubase since version 4 and haven’t had the issue you describe. Does it work in something like Ableton Live? (free demo @


I seem to have come up with some sort of fix. When I make the project 44khz 16 bit, the Viris Control loads as normal with no problems. If I make the project 48khz, the Virus fails. I tried setting the sample rate to 48khz on the Virus and it still didnt load. Looks like it does like the project as 48khz. :open_mouth:
Any ideas?


Weird… try the Access msg boards and ask if anyone’s had issues running the plugin/USB combo in 48KHz projects. I stick to 44.1 and haven’t run into this problem.

It is a strange one indeed. Its always better to use 48khz for a better quality of samples.