Cubase 6 and Video

I create Video and Slide Show which are projected on to screens during a live show. I create the videos in Premier Pro and use Powerpoint 2010 to show them and it all works pretty well. We run the audio on a Stereo Track with A click on one side and any other audio on the other. But now our MD wants to run more tracks and I wonder can I run the video files from Cubase and run say 4 Audio tracks. I am not allowedto have anything on the screen except the video. Not even a mouse pointer.

Thanks in advance.

Yes I think it’s possible to show the video but not slides so easily. Here’s a suggestion or two:

If you have two monitor outputs on your graphics card (or laptop) then I think you could set one of the outputs to full screen video while the other would be showing the Cb project window (i.e. the usual desktop display). IIRC full screen video is achieved simply by double clicking the video picture in Cb and it becomes full screen - at least that’s what I think my system does (but I rarely use it in full screen).

So, this would allow you to show a video and play music. But Cb can’t do slide-shows, and it can only show 1 single video per project (Nuendo shows more than one, maybe Cb6 does now, need to check!). So, you’d have to cut everything to a single video and import into Cubase. That severly reduces your control of the slides or video start/stop during the show…

Also, bear in mind that Cb isn’t designed to be a video presentation tool so you may find it’s not always smoothly shown. Also you may have some issues with resolution of the video, not sure about this tho. Suck it and see I say, but test it fully before using it for a show. And let us all know how it goes :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply. I will continue to make the video files in premier pro. At present I save them as .avi files as powerpoint seems to work best with them. I have been advised to export in H.264 for best quality and will check later today if Cubase will play those files back.
The idea of two screens sounds good, though I don’t know how I would get this to work with my Laptop.I will have to do more research. I have a Sony Vaio PCG-81311M which has HDMI and VGA outputs. I wonder is there an adapter I can use to enable two Monitor setup?



Hmm, I thought I sent a reply but obviously not???

Anyway, my Vaio laptop has only a VGA output socket, but when I plug something onto that then it gives me dual screen pretty much automatically. Or if not automatic then you can press Fn-F7 which swaps screen modes (read the manual for your specific model perhaps?). I’m sure something like that will work on yours too.

As for the .avi files, you’ll have to try them with Cb. Importing videos isn’t always straightforward. To get at the audio you need to extract it from the video onto an audio track. Click on the video file in the pool, right mouse button, and look for the extract audio option.


If on Windows 7, use windows key + P to change different screen settings. Much like the fn + f7 you mentioned, except that this method has a nifty screen icon of the setting you’re doing and it works on desktops which don’t have fn keys :slight_smile:

Thanks Guys,especially ‘GargoyleStudio’ you have helped me a great deal. I will let you know how it all works out.