Cubase 6 and Vista - tried it!!!

Well if anyone had any doubt I can tell you Vista and Cubase 6 (along with the projectmix I/O) is working like a dream here! Ironically the Cubase 5 engine would not respond sometimes when closing the window but now I do technically NOT meet minimum system requirements and it works faster and never crashes. :smiley:

Saves me upgrade money going over to Windows 7 and I never had any problems with Vista anyways this last year. The first year was hell but worked all right after that.

Decided to write this since no one wrote their experiences about C6 on a Vista OS and wanted to see one. So now I have a C6 copy and confirm I had no problems whatsoever installing and the program is working faster and more bugfree then Cubase 5.

Thnx Steiny!

You still may want to consider moving to W7 eventually. I used Vista 32 & 64 bit for nearly 2 years with Cubase before going to W7 64. W7 runs much better than Vista and I’ve had fewer problems overall. W7 is definitely Microsoft’s best OS ever.

+1 on win7 being the best.

I spent forever still using winxp both 32bit and 64bit xp (totally skipped vista). Then finally went to win7 pro 64 bit and wow it kills winxp. By far the best OS by microsoft.

OK, sounds good. It’s been several months since your post. Is C6 still running like a dream for you? I have C5 on Vista 64 and wish to upgrade to C6. I don’t need to go through the trouble of upgrading to Win7, as I will probably be getting a new workstation in a years time anyway.

Shall I go ahead and install the C6 upgrade on my Vista64 workstation?

I used C6 Trial on Vista and yes it was very stable.

Vista is a great system and I was surprised that steiny dropped “official” support, since it’s only 2012 that official (MS) support ends.

Glad to hear it :slight_smile:

Windows 8 is on the way anyway…

I thought W7 x86 is still supported, no?


Hi @ all,

Of course Steinberg supports 32bit OS.

Sure the future is 64bit for OS and Applications, but we still optimize all our Applications for 32bit OS.


Actually XP is not in the same vein as Vista/W7 audio wise (MIDI is more or less the same) so it’s inevitable C6 will work better on either of the latter systems but requires more resources.

The entire architecture (bar midi) was re-designed from the ground up in Vista, which is why there were so many problems back then and why it’s working stable now is likely due to optimizations made under W7.

I can’t remember how many error reports I sent to MS with C5 under Vista.

Well I ran C6 on Xp Pro for sometime (same projects) and it used near enough the same resources as C5.

I also believe FunkyDrummer is right about Vista and W7 being built on the same NT kernel as the older OSs he mentioned.


They are but the audio “sub system” is different, in that latter versions are more reliable hence Steinberg only supporting W7.

Vista (and xp) of course are at end-of-life so Vista was dropped arbitrarily even though the architecture in terms of audio is the same as w7 (bar some device management features) which is understandable.

In other words, there is no future for Cubase and XP (or stick with 5.5.3 which is amazing on XP).

For me, I will stay on C5 and XP until I am forced into a computer upgrade. It is such an expensive upgrade because my UAD cards, I/O, witch I see very little value in the upgrade. Actually, I have gotten to know so comfortable with C5 and the “everything just works” frame of mind that I am getting the music done. I don’t have to think about it any more. Good feeling.