Cubase 6 and VSL / Receptor

Please help me make an agonizing decision. If it were up to you and you wanted portability and extremely stable environment, would you rather have 2 MAC Book Pro’s networked together with VSL PRO running all your plugins on one and Cubase 6 on the other, or would you opt for a Receptor 2 running the VSTi’s connected to the MAC Book Pro. I am faced with a choice here. I have a Receptor 1 that I will need to spend over $1,500 on to update to a version 2 with 8 gig of ram and a big enough hard drive to run all my plugins, which upsets me right from the start because the slick talking salesman who sold it to me said it would alwasy be compatible with anything. He never mentioned that I would … well, you know the rest. I purchased VSL Pro about a year ago and simply love it. It loads anything I want to stuff into it. So, with the new Thunderbolt technology out, I thought I could buy a second MAC Book Pro with 8 gig of ram in it and attach a large external drive to the Thunderbolt port to house all sample libraries and then run VSL Pro on it an network it to my original Mac Book Pro. If it were you, which would you rather depend on in the studio and live?



Still have not made a decision on this yet. Can anyone offer some advice? My choise is upgrade my Receptor to run current plugins within Cubase, or purchase a new Mac Book Pro with 8 gb of ram and run Vienna Ensemble Pro networked to my current MAC running Cubase. If it was you, which would you choose?


I don’t use anything you mention - so here’s a bit of general chat.

It’s a tricky one!! It seems that on the one hand the Receptor is a known quantity which comes with support and provides a very stable solution. On the other hand by using a 2nd Mac will probably give you more flexibility for future growth and even providing a backup machine should one Mac go wrong.

Personally I’ve always built my own MS PCs (not Macs) and I don’t mind getting my hands dirty with a bit of system management so if I needed more grunt then I would simply get another PC. But if it’s minimal fuss then I’d say Receptor. Otherwise you could expect a bit more fiddling about and maybe a few more puzzles (but then maybe not, one never knows!) with the MacBook.

Overall I think the two solutions are probably very closely matched and from the composing and music making point of view there would be no difference so you really have to judge on the other issues such as price and personal taste. If you’re looking at live performance then I know a few people who use Macs but then I also know a few people who’ve had them spontaneously reboot on stage!! I think the Receptor is fully stage proof.

I would still go for a Mac tho, but that’s just me!