Cubase 6 and Yosemite

Cubase 6 doesn’t officially support Yosemite, correct?

I updated to 8 and am having some issues; I’d like to just use 6 until I have time to work out the kinks with 8. I recently did a re-install so I hadn’t yet tested 6 on 10.10.x.

Anyone running 6 on 10.10x?

Aloha j,

here is what I found:

1-Both C5.5 and C6.5 will open fine in 10.10.2
and each will play back the most cpu extensive projects made in them at the time.

2- I did not (and probably will not) record anything new in them.

3-Each project uses only audio/MIDI and Steiny plugs, so can’t vouch for
any 3rd party stuff working properly.

Good Luck!

Thanks curteye,

Good to know that everything is running well enough. Although, I might just deal with my current c8 issues (which haven’t been game breaking) rather than using an unsupported versions, now that I think of it.

I was hoping at least C7 would have Yosemite support:(

Thanks again!